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A Perfect Guide to Ayurvedic Detox Treatment In Rishikesh

A Perfect Guide to Ayurvedic Detox Treatment In Rishikesh

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, also popularly known as ayurvedic medicine, is one of the world's oldest traditional healing schools. Literally, it means "the science of life." It is a 3000 old traditional medicine that traces back to India. The main idea behind ayurvedic medicine is that it promotes the well-being of the complete body.

It doesn't primarily look into one particular ailment or disease but tends to combine physical, mental and spiritual healing in terms of health. You might be wondering still what an ayurvedic detox is and whether you should really go for it! This article will clear all your doubts, queries and problems.

Ayurvedic Detox: Concept -

It is based on the already established precepts of ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda has divided the world into five elements, i.e. air, earth, fire, space and water. When combined together, these elements form various kinds of humour, which are also known as doshas.

And these doshas are responsible for various physiological functions in your body. The three doshas are known as Vata, Kapha and Pitta. The main concept of ayurvedic detox is laid in these three doshas. One has to make sure that there is a proper balance between these three doshas as well as the other five elements.

By any chance, if there lays an imbalance, then a disease is predicted to take place in that particular person. Sometimes, this imbalance is caused by various waste materials like urine, feces, and sweat. It causes different illnesses like diarrhea, constipation, asthma, skin issues and urinary tract infection.

To deal with problems like these, detoxes are created as a routine that helps you to restore or get back the balance that is missing from your life. One needs to understand the thing that each one has their own balance of doshas based on genetics and traits, and therefore, you cannot apply the same detox method for yourself based on the detox concept of your friend or neighbour.

To know your own elements and doshas, you should definitely consult an ayurvedic practitioner and give you the treatment options based on your sole need.

The Process Of Ayurvedic Detox -

As there are different doshas for different people, therefore there is a different looking ayurvedic detox for each person. But all of them have one aim or goal, i.e. to cleanse or purify your body from impurities and waste and toxins.

Along with a normal body detox option, often ayurvedic practitioners advise making broader dietary and lifestyle changes so that you can finally achieve doshas that are balanced. Normally, ayurvedic detox may last for 3-45 days, and that is based on the processes involved.

Let us look into the various forms of ayurvedic detox that exist to date.

Bodily Detox:

This is an initial phase that is also known by the name. Purvakarma, this kind of detox is responsible for sending toxins to your bowels and the surface of your skin to be excreted. It involves oil massage, steaming etc. Next, a little bit more vigorous therapy is used.

It is also known by the name Panchakarma treatment and is advised to re-energize your body and to solidify the detox system. It consists of five treatments- Virechan, Vaman, Basti, Rakta Moksha, and Nasya. Your treatment will depend on the doshas you possess. Sometimes you might be asked to take some extra herbal medicines or supplements for certain problems that you might be suffering.

Dietary Modification:

As the doshas are different, even the diets are made and planned differently for each person. You are not supposed to eat anything except for the diet chart that is made by your practitioner. Any food that is missing from your chart, especially packaged food and caffeine, may cause unnecessary toxin build up in your body. All these limitations should be maintained and agreed to till you continue your detox plans.


After an ayurvedic dosha, regular massage is advised in order to get rid of impurities in your body and send them towards the digestive tract. Masseurs use herb-infused oil often to prevent immature ageing and also can improve your hair and skin health.

Meditation And Mindfulness:

Another mode of detox is meditation and mindfulness. Daily meditation can aid in forgetting distractions, decrease fatigue and anxiety and increase your creative side and self-awareness. Meditation differs in time; for some, it can be for a minute, whereas it can be even for an hour for some.

Is The Ayurvedic Detox Effective?

People who have used and experienced the ayurvedic detox will agree to the claim that this detox cleanses your body from contaminants and toxins and helps you to regain your health. Some scientific research might show some doubt regarding this topic, but ayurvedic detox has certain components that are really beneficial for the body's overall health.

Panchakarma: The Elimination Of Toxins -

This ayurvedic body cleansing technique consists of five therapeutic actions to safely remove Ama or toxins from different areas of the body without creating any influence on the body. The main aim of this treatment is to eliminate toxins and restore and bring back a healthy state of balance in a body.

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The technique can be tailor-made for each person according to their doshas or imbalances. A practitioner-only designs a personal panchakarma treatment plan after he/she has completely analyzed the individual's imbalances and buildup. The process is a complex one, where diet, nutrition, herbal formulations and supplements are given with proper guidelines.

Steps In Panchakarma -

The treatment includes five natural methods of purifying or cleansing your body in order to balance your doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

1. Vamanam: this process, also known as emesis therapy or vomiting. It is supervised here at our place by highly trained panchakarma therapists. Vamana is caused in order to discard Kapha from the body, which is the excess presence of mucus. Problems like congestion, bronchitis, cough and cold can be eliminated through vamanam.

2. Virechanam: This step works on the elimination of toxic elements from the intestines by inducing a therapeutic laxative. And that is why this step is also known as purgation. This technique works wonder for cases of jaundice and hemorrhoids.

3. Niruham: an enema or clyster using kashaya vasti is used to combat Vata dominant disease. This injection contains herbal mixes and is injected into the rectum in order to relieve an individual from constipation, kidney stones, backaches etc.

4. Anuvaasan: This is useful and works well for people who suffer from diabetes, anemia, and obesity. Also known as oil enema, this technique is also used for individuals who are facing problems like- urinary and reproductive problems, joint pains, paralysis, arthritis etc.

5. Nasyam: This process uses a medicated oil that s inhaled through the nostrils. It eliminates any leftover doshas that might be present in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas. The individual's body is massaged from the shoulders, causing sweat.

6. After these steps, the treatment does not stop as diet needs to be checked and maintained at least three to four days before eating other non-dietary things.

Panchakarma treatment is truly a representation of ancient Ayurvedic values, and to date, people are following it as it is really beneficial.

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Detox -

Ayurvedic Detox has a lot of benefits attached to it. Let us see some of them.

  • It cleans the body from toxins.
  • Restores a sense of calmness n the nervous system.
  • It promotes clarity and stability in the mental, spiritual and emotional grounds.
  • It also improvises the sense of energy, vitality and increases enthusiasm.
  • Also, aids in proper weight management.
  • It maintains uniformity in the sleep cycles of an individual.
  • It also prepares the tissues for deep nourishment and rejuvenation.


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