Shiro Basti Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Shiro Basti Therapy

Ayurveda Therapy Shiro Basti


Shrio Basti Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Shiro Basti Therapy

What would happen if the head were to fall out of balance? Our head is a vital part of our body, running the administrative system efficiently.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Shiro Basti is concerned with the "roof of the human body." Imagine a house with an unhealthy roof. It would certainly struggle to withstand extreme conditions and eventually collapse one day.

Shiro Basti: What is it?

Using Shiro Basti is highly recommended for those who wish to strengthen mental and physical immunity. Shiro Basti has been used as a remedy for neurological ailments and diseases.

With Shiro Basti, you service your body just as you would your automobile. By doing this, you rejuvenate, enhance the lifespan of your cells, increase immunity, and boost metabolism. Many conditions are successfully treated by Shiro Basti in Ayurveda, including depression, chronic headaches, and migraines. Shiro Basti is the best ayurvedic treatment for anxiety.

Shiro Basti is performed in what manner?

Shiro Basti involves a high dose of herbal oil applied to both the head and the neck, similar to a herbal oil bath. To ensure a successful result, the patient must undergo a thorough examination by a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and receive an accurate diagnosis of the condition.

Medicated oil is applied to the head for roughly 45 minutes and then drained. As the patient sits upright on a wooden stool, a leather cap ensures that no oil leaks out. After observing the patient's response for some time, the practitioner will then apply medicated oil to the patient's head, forehead, shoulders, palms, and soles. The oil is then massaged into the patient's head, forehead, shoulders, palms, and soles.

After this, an herbal pain-relieving powder known as Rasnadi choornam is applied over the head. The patient is advised to rest for at least an hour before taking a warm bath.Best ayurveda treatment centre for Shiro Basti is in Rishikesh.

Why should you use Shiro Basti?

As an inverted tree, the human body is viewed by Ayurveda as a system whose roots are on top and branches are downward.

In the context of a tree, the head of your body would be the roots. The central section of your body made up of your thorax and abdomen would be the trunk, and your lower body would be your leaves. The branches of the tree are its upper and lower limbs.

The head is the operational centre of the entire body, just as the roots control the well-being and activities of the tree. The head contains all the components and mechanisms to control the mechanics and dynamics of the entire body.

The head is the seat of all the components which keep us connected to and attracted to the material world - "The Brain and Nerves " - and all the components which control the whole body. It is for these reasons that the head is called 'Uttamanga' - the best organ in the body by far.

When in a state of well being, the brain and sense organs of the head control and regulate our entire body and mind, keeping us healthy and productive. The head acts as the central controlling station of all our daily activities and interactions. We will have a smooth body factory operation if we properly maintain the control station.

We must return to the control station of our body or mind, the head, in order to deal with any body or mind related illness with appropriate treatments and medications.

Ayurveda also gave us the impression that it well understood that most diseases arise as a result of our disturbed mind or are aggravated by a disturbed mind. Healing the body or mind alone is not a complete medical approach. It is best to deal with them as one.

As cultivating, pampering, relaxing, soothing and strengthening the engine of our system is a crucial requirement for maintaining a healthy life, we must conduct Shiro Basti to nourish, pamper, relax, soothe and strengthen the head and its components.

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