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Ayurveda Eye Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Anjana Therapy

The use of herbal collyrium in Ayurveda has long been recommended and used not only for enhancing eye beauty and maintaining eye health, but also for preventing and treating various eye disorders.

Thus, anjana, a prescription in Ayurvedic ophthalmology, serves a therapeutic purpose. Ayurvedic texts explain that herbal collyrium is one of the most effective remedies for eye problems.

It has been used in preventative and curative eye care for thousands of years with tremendous success. Ayurvedic texts spanning a long period of time include a number of formulations of herbal collyrium. There's a Best Anjana Centre in Rishikesh if you want this type of therapy.

Ayurvedic herbal collyer - Anjana

As an effective remedy for many eye disorders as well as preventing many diseases associated with the eyes, Anjana is applied to the inner parts of the eyelids. It provides eye protection and helps to maintain good vision and eye health.

The pills, juices, powders, wicks and many other forms serve many different purposes, such as scraping, healing, soothing, and comforting. Many people have benefited from this treatment at the Best Anjana Centre in Rishikesh.

When to apply collyrium?

The use of Collyrium should precede Aschottana, which consists of eye drops. The use of Collyrium should follow the administration of purification treatments such as purgation, herbal enemas, nasal medication and venesection.

Colyriums should not be administered until ama has been properly expelled and under control. When these measures fail to resolve eye diseases, when one or more dominant doshas are not associated and only one or more doshas are involved, collyrium should be carefully applied to the eye or eyes.

Applications for Collyrium

An ophthalmologist should use his left hand to open the patient's eye to be treated for collyrium application. Collyrium needs to be placed on the applicator, which should be held by the physician with his right hand. From the inner canthus, the inner angle of the eye, to the outer canthus, the outer angle of the eye, collyrium should gently be applied. Applying the collyrium to the inner cathus should be done slowly with the applicator with anjana, then gently removing it after applying it.

Instead of applying collyrium to the outer canthus, the applicator should be gently moved to the inner canthus while applying it.Taking collyrium on the tip of a finger and applying it gently to the inside part of the eyelids is the proper way for a physician to apply it to the lids or inner part of the eyelids. An eye and vision may be damaged if too much medicine is administered. Hence, a physician should take care to not apply too much medicine.

Benefits of Anjana

Provides nourishment for tired, dry, rough, irritated, and injured eyes. Gives the eyes freshness. Increases the circulation of the facial muscles and nerves, which improves facial appearance.

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