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Ayurveda Therapy Karnapoornam

Ayurvedic Ear Treatment in Rishikesh

Ayurveda Ear Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Karnapoornam Therapy

Karnapoornam, which means "ear cleaning", is an Ayurvedic procedure that helps you overcome a variety of common and chronic ear conditions. This simple procedure also keeps your ears healthy throughout your life by cleaning them and maintaining them in a healthy state.

Especially in today's earphone-obsessed lifestyle, your ears are struggling to maintain their hearing capabilities. Without your ears, you will be truly lost, so you must pay close attention to how you treat them.

Thus, the number of patients coming to the Best Karnapoornam Centre in Rishikesh for consultations is steadily increasing. Here's what you need to know about the effectiveness of a simple treatment like karnapoornam.

Are there any benefits of Karnapoornam?

A "Karnapooranam" treatment is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy designed to treat problems with the ears. The therapist applies Ayurvedic oils to the ear for about 10 minutes, ranging from simple sesame oil to complex herbal formulations. Cleaning your ears with this procedure will remove wax and other dirt particles, as well as heal ear-related problems.

The procedure is useful in treating conditions where there is ear pain and reduced hearing. These are two common signs of internal ear problems. With this simple solution, the ear canal gets lubricated and the smallest and narrowest portions of the ear canal are cleaned to remove all dirt and wax. In addition to improving hearing, this solution also helps to cure dry and itchy ears, and other ear diseases.

The treatment is also critical to overcoming tinnitus or karnanada, a vata roga-based condition which, due to today's lifestyles, produces increasing numbers of people today, whether they are using excessive mobile phones, listening to prolonged loud sounds, or even taking blood thinners.

Also, karnapooranam helps to strengthen the nerve ends in the ear and the delicate bones inside the ear. All of these offer related support for managing neck stiffness and painful jaws as well as stress relief, ear pain control and vertigo management.

How is the process carried out?

The Ayurvedic doctor must first examine the ear-related condition and determine which herbal oil formulation to use before starting the procedure, despite its simplicity.

Following a relaxing massage - to the head, ear, and neck, the therapist will assist you to lie face upward on a firm wooden table. The massage will help the muscles relax and the circulation to the ears improve. Therefore, the medicinal oil will be effective in percolating through the skin and entering the bloodstream. Your ears are now prepared for Pradhanakarma massage.

You will need to hold the oil in your ears for about 10 minutes while holding the appropriate position as the therapist adds oil drop-by-drop until the whole ear canal is filled. The therapist uses the warm medicated Ayurvedic oil.

It is important to clean your ear afterwards to remove any excess oil, and then repeat the process in the other ear too, in order to make sure that all of the oil's medicinal properties are absorbed into the bloodstream. The Ayurvedic doctor might prescribe medicated smoke instead of medicated oil. Follow the procedure for at least 10 days if your doctor prescribes it. You'll notice a noticeable improvement in your hearing and the condition of your ears. Many people have been successfully treated with Karnapoornam at the Best Karnapoornam Centre in Rishikesh.

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