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Mukh Lepanam In Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Glow

Mukh Lepanam Threatment in Rishikesh, India - Ayurvedic Therapy

A mukh lepanam is a facial treatment that involves applying a powdered herbal face-pack onto the face, which contains rejuvenating herbs that heal the skin, make it look soft, and leave it beautiful. Aside from that, the therapy also prevents the ageing of the skin and increases elasticity, so that wrinkles on the face can be avoided.

Additionally, it tones the skin and prevents discoloration and pigmentation. The face is properly prepared with steam, followed by a moisturising pack, so that the paste can easily be applied. Here at the Best Mukh Lepanam Centre in Rishikesh, we mix the herbal combinations of the paste after determining the skin type of the individual in order to make the paste as beneficial as possible.

Mental illness, insomnia, stress, dandruff and other conditions can be treated with this treatment. Functional packs can also be applied over the face to achieve a smooth and glowing complexion. Special hot herbal packs are applied on the joints to reduce joint swelling and pain. It helps to treat pimples, dark spots, and skin tan. The herbal paste is applied over the affected area of skin and allowed to dry. It helps to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc. The medicine will be absorbed by the damaged part of the skin.

Ayurvedic Treatment for mental disorders is being used at the Best Mukh Lepanam Centre in Rishikesh. Mukh Lepanam is one of the main ayurvedic treatments for psoriasis in Kerala. Ayuryoga Theeram is one among the best Ayurvedic Hospitals in Kerala for psoriasis.

The Benefits Of Mukh Lepanam

The complete procedure of Mukhalepam detoxifies as well as enhances the beauty of the skin, making it an ideal treatment option for sunburn-related conditions. There are several major benefits of Mukhalepam, including this delays ageing and prevents wrinkles; it relieves swelling and pain; it heals and pacifies rashes and eczemas; it reduces the appearance of discoloration on the face; it pacifies pigmentation; and it beautifies the skin.


Upon applying the herbal face pack to the face, Mukh lepanam uses steam to treat it. It is actually a simple skin protection therapy where the face is massaged with herbal oils or natural herbs creams. Freshly made facial paste and fresh herbs form the main ingredients of the herbal pack, which is washed after 35 to 45 minutes.


There has been a recent surge in consumers' interest in herbal cosmetics due to the decline of faith in modern cosmetics, the belief that plant-based cosmetics are superior to man-made synthetic cosmetics, and historical references to their successful use by different cultures throughout history. Herbal cosmetics have grown in popularity and production due to these reasons.

Using Mukha lepanam will make your skin healthy, prevent skin diseases and improve your complexion. It is better to use natural products and substances rather than synthetic chemical-based cosmetics. Besides improving the appearance of skin, herbal face packs are also capable of curing wrinkles, dark circles, pimples and other skin conditions. Depending on one's skin type, one can use herbal face packs to get the maximum benefits. The benefits of face packs for treating any type of skin problem include prevention and healing.

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