Kashaya Dhara Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Kashaya Dhara Therapy

Ayurveda Therapy Kashaya Dhara

Kashaya Dhara Treatment in Rishikesh

Ayurveda Kashaya Dhara Treatment in Rishikesh - Kashaya Dhara Therapy

Traditionally, Kashaya Dhara was practised as a method of sedation in Ayurveda. The word Kashaya signifies decoction and the word Dhara signifies pouring, so Kashaya Dhara literally refers to pouring decoction onto the body. As a decoction, Shiro Kashaya dhara is applied to the forehead, and Sarvanga Kashaya dhara is applied to the entire body surface.

Kashaya Dhara - How is it given?

A decoction is prepared based on the condition and nature of the patient. At first, the patient is seated comfortably on a wooden table in a quiet and serene setting. Medicated oils, ghee, milk, and buttermilk may also be used instead of the decoction. Continuous streams of decoction are poured from a vessel at a certain height. The decoction is to be warm enough to be consumed by the receiver. Therapy sessions involve the therapist providing gentle massage interventions as well as continuous direct pouring of the decoction for a period of about 45 minutes. A hot water bath is recommended after the receiver rests for a few minutes after the session ends.

There is no specific length of time that Kashaya Dhara takes to heal. The Best Kashaya Dhara Centre in Rishikesh has treated many people with success.

Benefits of Kashaya Dhara

Kahaya Dhara relieves pain and fatigue, energises the body and prevents degeneration of the joints and tissues. It also heals the tissues, relieves muscle tension and stiffness and removes tension from joints and muscles.


  • To prevent decoction from entering the eyes and ears, cotton pads or cotton balls should be placed over the eyes and cotton balls should be placed over the ears.
  • Be sure to check the temperature of the decoction before sprinkling it onto the body of the receiver.
  • If you suffer from a fever, rhinitis, pregnancy, diarrhoea, or a heart condition, you should not receive the treatment.

The probable method of action

Kashaya Dhara therapy involves hot medicated decoction being poured continuously over the body for a certain amount of time. Therefore, the therapeutic effect depends on:

  • Using herbs in decoction preparations to obtain active ingredients.
  • When decoction is poured, it creates pressure.

In the case of warm decoction poured on the surface of the body, the liquid has the first advantage of improving perspiration. When the liquid is poured from a certain height, it creates pressure that enhances perspiration. Combined with the warm temperatures of the decoction, the created pressure and temperature allow the active ingredients in the decoction to penetrate more deeply into the skin pores.

In a counterirritant fashion, the warmth and the pharmacological properties of the herbs used mitigate the pain sensation.p>

Temperature and pressure that are warm also contribute to vasodilation, meaning the blood is flowed more freely so that nutrients are delivered to the tissues and metabolic wastes are disposed of appropriately. Nutrients and toxins are thus removed simultaneously.

As the decoction is continuously and rhythmically pumped over the forehead, the muscles of the frontalis are relaxed, the sympathetic nervous system is lowered, and the body's physiology is normalised. The result of this is mental stress being relieved and sleep being induced. If you're interested in this type of therapy, you can find it at the Best Kashaya Dhara Centre in Rishikesh.

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