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Ayurveda Therapy Yoni Prakshalanam

Ayurveda Therapy - Yoni Prakshalanam Treatment in Rishikesh, India

There are many women-centered therapies and treatments in Ayurveda. All of them are very historical with traditional values as Ayurveda remains. The Ayurveda treatment therapy Yoni Prakshalanam is specially designed for women. This therapy has everything that women would need from a better Ayurveda treatment. This procedure will ensure the stoppage of womanly complaints mainly related to vaginal or gynaecological complaints.

The term Prakshalanam is fetched from Sanskrit and it's meant cleaning or purification of the wound with water and other medical material or oils. So basically, this is a process for cleaning vaginal areas and some oils are used for this purpose, normally medicated oils are used to clean the vaginal part.


This ayurvedic procedure is prescribed for inflammation, erosion, infertility. This treatment starts with making some medicated oil by putting some herbs into the oil. Then the main process yoni Prakshalanam begins with the application of these medicated oils to the vaginal area. This process has the power to strengthen vaginal muscles. This method is a general cleansing measure of genital organs to avoid fungal or yeast infections.

This medicated oil prevents the growth of the bacterial organism and restores the altered pH of the vaginal cavity. Absorption of this medicinal oil through the mucosa and blood circulations also helps to have beneficial effects on the uterus.

The benefit of The Ayurvedic treatment Yoni prakshalanam

Yoni Prakshalanam ayurvedic treatment is very unique to each individual and their body types or dosha. Because everyone has different body types or dosha. This yoni Prakshalanam treatment enables the identification of the underlying factors in the ailment.

  • This yoni prakshalanam treatment assists to provide strength to vaginal muscles.
  • This procedure helps in avoiding fungal and yeast infections in vaginal areas.
  • Those women who have faced regular menstrual cycles have also been treated by this therapy.
  • It also helps to treat bowel syndrome.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation
  • This treatment also helps in overcoming infertility.

Who should consider this treatment

Women with irregular menstrual cycles are recommended for this treatment. Those who have polycystic ovaries and who are facing irritable bowel syndrome should also consider this treatment. It also helps to treat urinary tract infections. During puberty, many women face medical conditions called leucorrhoea. This condition also can be treated by this Ayurveda treatment.

Nowadays there are many Ayurveda hospitals or centers that provide the best treatments. This Ayurveda treatment is also provided by the Best Yoni Prakshalanam Treatment in Rishikesh, India. This type of treatment needs a more hygienic environment to prevent any further infections.


If you prefer a better Ayurveda therapy treatment yoni Prakshalanam treatment has everything that a woman would prefer. This treatment works very result-oriented and the genital organs of the women get clean and fresh after concluding yoni Prakshalanam.

Many centres are known for their effectiveness and reliability, and the Best Yoni Prakshalanam centre in Rishikesh is one of them. They have good facilities and maintain hygiene very well.

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