Nasyam Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Ayurveda Nasyam Therapy

Ayurveda Therapy Nasyam

Nasyam Treatment in Rishikesh

Nasyam Treatment in Rishikesh India - Ayurveda Nasyam Therapy

Five detoxification therapies in Ayurveda is called Panchakarma treatment. Nasyam is an essential part of this Panchakarma treatment. It involves the face and head massage with herbal oil. Nasyam treatment can work wonders to control migraine, headache, sinusitis, connections in creating, infections, and various other problems.

This Ayurvedic treatment is often chosen for treating the illness in the head region. In this treatment medicated oil and Ayurvedic formulation are delivered through the nostrils as per the necessary dosage for a specific period.

During that time the masseurs continue to massage the area around the nose, neck, shoulders, palm, and feet. After that this oil is absorbed by the blood vessels and make their way into the circulatory system. Those who want to get rid of the problem include sinuses, throat, nose, head areas through Nasyam therapy can come to Rishikesh. The Best Nasyam center in Rishikesh offers this Ayurvedic treatment.

After examining the ailment that is to be treated, for the different types of Nasyam therapies offered by the treatment centers.

Virechana Nasyam

Virachana is also called the Cleansing Nasyam or Shodhana Nasyam. This method helps to get rid of the dishes immediately from the head region. Skin diseases, itching, colds are also treated by this method.

Dhmana Nasyam

Instead of oil, dry powders are administered into the nose using a tube. This treatment is effective for treating conditions like sinusitis, hoarseness of voice, chronic diseases like tumors and cervical lymph.

Shamana Nasyam

This Nasyam treatment uses milk, medicated oil, and teas to treat disorders caused due to pitta imbalance and vitiation of blood. It also helps to prevent premature wrinkles, greying and thinning of hair, diseases of the eyes, etc.

Brumhana Nasyam

This type of therapy is used to treat patients with voice problems, migraine, headaches, mental disturbances, and many others. Ghee and medicated milk are used in this therapy to treat the ailment.

Some of the benefits of Nasyam

  • This type of therapy helps to remove toxins from the head, neck, and throat region.
  • • Helps with blood circulation and also strengthens the immune system and the sense organs.
  • This treatment helps smoothen your nasal passage and treats nasal allergies.
  • • Helps to cure insomnia and stimulates the centers of the brain that regulate emotions and relieve stress.
  • This type of treatment helps to improve skin complexion, hair health, and texture and prevents premature greying.

So we can say that this therapy is best for treating chronic sinusitis, headache, throat diseases, migraine, and many others.

Treatment center should provides room for performing Nasyam therapy that is free of dust and draft and has a comfortable chair and a table. Many other Nasyam center and Best Nasyam center in Rishikesh have the right instrument to give Ayurvedic treatment.

Nasyam treatment is an effective treatment that offers good health benefits when done systematically. Those who suffer from serious illnesses should not go for nasyam therapy. There are no side effects apart from the burning sensation that you feel when the oil goes down through the nostril. After the treatment, one should avoid washing their hair and blowing their nose.

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