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Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Making Course
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When we scroll back the time of Ayurveda we can see the one of the most important element relied upon for years in Ayurveda is the Ayurveda herbal oil.

To the greatness the vedic period has left a number of Ayurveda herbal oils to benefit the ongoing generation. Being a fundamental part of Ayurveda, the herbal oils are the base of all most every ayurvedic therapy.

The best part of Ayurvedic herbal oils is that they can be used in more than one ways to benefit the body naturally. Ayurveda herbal oil benefits the body by their rejuvenating properties which not only relaxes the body but also heals the body from a variety of ailments and disorders.

Each of the herbal oils of Ayurveda holds a distinct healing virtue in it. These oils are calming, soothing, moisturizing and lubricating. The oils can be used in a variety of ways, they can be consumed raw, can be used in massage, bathing, cooking, and gargling. But for this we need to have enough knowledge regarding the preparation and use of different oils.

Herbal oil
Ayurvedic herbal oil making
Herbal oil making in India

Benefits of herbal oils

There are endless benefits of herbal oils and the Indian subcontinent is famous for the production and consumption of these for skin, hair and body. These oils are chemical-free, alcohol-free, sulphur-free, and paraben-free. They are light in weight which ensures that they penetrate well when applied and show long term effects.

They make skin and hair healthy and do wonders! They stimulate the hair growth cycle and regeneration of hair follicles. Most of them have collagen-boosting abilities while others can revitalize the skin and hair, both. They can do some serious damage repair by preventing premature ageing, hair fall, greying hairs. The herbs have medicinal and anti-bacterial properties that help heal body ailments.

In ancient times, people would use herbal oils to heal wounds completely. The same oils would be used to prevent further skin problems. Some oils help reduce scars, stretch marks, skin pigmentation, skin loosening, etc. Regular application helps keep skin and hair hydrated, strong and healthy!

Herbal Oil making course includes

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Body type analysis
  • Ayurvedic pharmacology
  • Indian herbs and spices
  • Kashaya Kalpana
  • Herbal compounds and tablets
  • Herbal oils and ghee
  • Herbal decoctions
  • Shodhan of herbs
  • Preparation of Leha
  • Prepration of Vati
  • Preparations of Alkalis
  • Q&A Session

Significance of herbal oils in Ayurveda and human body

It is a famous Ayurveda belief that oil keeps the body healthy and flexible. This is especially important for the elders so that the skin ages slowly and joint pains can be avoided. It also helps avoid muscular and skeletal injuries, something very common amongst aged people.

Since all the ayurvedic solutions are skin deep, it is believed to cleanse the body and soul. This eventually ensures that the body is brought back to its natural balance and maybe maintained too, through the application of these oils regularly.

This course rewards you with the certificate after the successful completion of the course.

Ayurvedic herbal oil making course at Haritha Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic herbal oil making course is conducted throughout the year in Rishikesh at the Haritha Ayurveda Organisation. After having started with Ayurveda, we cover body type analysis, the making of herbal oils, herbal decoctions, preparation of leha, vati, usage and significance of Indian spices and herbs and some other herbal compounds and tablets.

Simple ingredients are used that will be easy for students to find. Different oils have different benefits and uses. We also impart knowledge on how and when to use these oils. One has to take some precautions during the preparation and usage of these oils, pastes, decoctions, etc.

In some extreme cases such as anorexia, indigestion, etc. people should avoid applying certain oils and our ayurvedic professionals know exactly the ways to deal with such situations.

There are no specific eligibility criteria for this course and it is short. You may book your classes by contacting the Haritha team online or offline.

Ayurvedic Herbal Oils Making Certification Course - 5 Days

Date: Available

Language: English & Hindi

Program International Indian
Course Fees USD 299 USD 259 INR 24,518 INR 21,238
Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 22 INR 1,750
Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (per day) USD 35 INR 2,800

How to apply?

  • To apply for the Ayurveda herbal oil making Course, you need to make your advanced course registration in order to reserve your seat.

  • In the Ayurveda herbal oil making course, we provide one-to-one classes. Our dates are flexible for this course but to reserve your seat with us advanced booking is required.

  • For your booking inquiries you can write us on info@harithaayurveda.com or harithayurveda@gmail.com

  • You can also connect with us via Call or WhatsApp on +91 9758881169

Terms & Conditions

  • To apply for the Ayurveda herbal oil making course, a deposit of $100 or 7,000 INR is required which is non-refundable. This amount is included in the prices listed above. You can make the remaining course fees payment after arrival to the course on the first day.

  • After successful completion, certificates are issued by Haritha Ayurveda organization.

  • Classes will be from Monday to Saturday only. No classes will take place on Public Holidays.

  • To sign up for the course, please bring a valid identity proof & 2 passport size photographs.

  • Above course fees applicable from 1st Jan, 2024 to 31 July 2024.

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