Ayurveda Diploma Certification Course in Rishikesh, India 2024
Ayurveda Panchakarma Diploma Course in Rishikesh
Haritha Ayurveda

Ayurveda Panchakarma diploma certification course in Rishikesh (45 and 90 days)

Ayurveda which literally translates to ‘knowledge of life’ has its roots back to over 3000 years. It is the science of completely healing the body and getting rid of diseases not natural to one’s being.

Each of us comes on earth with a distinct biological framework and Ayurveda retains this uniqueness in its healing process. It emphasizes the state of normalcy and a sense of balance between the three doshas (vatta, pita and kapha), indriya (sense organs), dathu (minerals), prasanna atma (soul), agni (fire), manas (mind), and finally malakriya (excretion). When the natural balance between any of these is disturbed, the body is sick and needs healing.

What Ayurveda Panchakarma is?

Ayurveda Panchakarma is an ancient science that uses preventive, curative and promotive measures to heal the body by lubricating it and removing the unwanted external material. ‘Pancha’ means five and ‘karma’ means procedures.

What are these five karmas?

The five ‘karmas’ that we use to cleanse the body are:

  • Astapana Vasti is the therapeutic decoction enema
  • Nasyam is the nasal instillation
  • Virechanam is the purgation
  • Anuvasana is the oil enema
  • Vamanam is the therapeutic emesis

The healing steps of Panchakarma

To heal the body and complete the process of panchakarma, we follow the following steps:

  • We start by removing the harmful substances from the body through detox. This is a form of preparation for the further steps and is called Poorva karma. It further consists of two steps: Snehan and Swedan which refer to oleation and fomentation respectively.

  • Now we move on to the main procedure known as the Pradhan karma. Based on the waste eliminated in the first step, we move to the succeeding procedure to choose between Vamana or Virechanam. Vamana and virechanam refer to upper respiratory waste tract and lower gastro waste accumulation respectively.

  • Finally, there is the Paschat Karma. It is simply to diet that one is expected to follow so that the body gets time to recover and naturally heal and not fall back to the pre- panchakarma state.

About the Haritha Ayurveda diploma certification course

The Ayurveda panchakarma diploma course in Rishikesh India Haritha covers various fields of Ayurveda that help in healing the body of toxic elements.

Students have the option to choose between the 45-day course and the 90-day course. For the 45-day course duration, one has to spend 4 hours per day and for the 90-day course duration, one has to spend 2 hours per day.

It covers the complete history and science behind diagnosing and treatment procedures. Students will attend theoretical as well as practical classes of Ayurvedic medicine, body nutrition, therapies, etc. upon the completion of the course, all students receive a diploma certificate for the successful duration of a 45 or 90-day course. This certificate will be issued in the name of Haritha Ayurveda organisation.

Ayurveda diploma course syllabus

In the Ayurveda diploma course theory and practical both are including in a mix combination to understand the core core principals of Ayurveda in depth.

Theorical Session
  • Introduction to ayurveda and history
  • Definition of ayurveda
  • History of ayurveda
  • Branches of ayurveda
  • Philosophy of ayurveda
  • The concepts of health and diseases
  • Concepts of pancha mahabhuta
  • Concepts of tridosha (vital energies)
  • Concepts of saptha dhatus (body tissues)
  • Concepts of malas (waste products)
  • Concepts of agni (digestive fire)
  • Concepts of koshta (alimentary tract)
  • Concepts of deha prakruti (body type)
  • Concepts of roga marga (pathway of disease)
  • Concepts of diseases
  • Concepts of ayurveda nutrition & cooking
  • Poorva karma (prepefatory process of panchakarma)
  • Sneha karma
  • Abhyanga (external oleation therapy)
  • Shiro abhyanga (oleation of head)
  • Mukha abhyanga (oleation of face)
  • Sweda karma (sudation therapy)
  • Tapa sweda (fomrntation)
  • Upanaha swedda (sudation using warm poultice)
  • Ushma sweda (sudation using herbal steam & bolus bags)
  • Drava sweda (sudation using steam)
  • Panchakarma therapy
    • Vamana (emesis therapy)
    • Virechana (purgation therapy)
    • Vasti (enema therapy)
    • Nasya (nasal cleansing)
    • Rektamoksha (blood letting therapy)
  • Marma points (107 vital points)
  • Method of pulse diagnosis
  • Study of common diseases (causes, symptoms, treatment)
  • Properties and use of various herbal oils
  • Study of common ayurvedic plants
  • Introduction of yoga therapy
Practical Session
  • Ayurvedic head massage
  • Ayurvedic face massage
  • Abhyangam (full body massage)
  • Marma massage
  • Shirodhara - with oil
  • Shirodhara with medicated milk
  • Shirodhara with butter milk
  • Elakizhi massage (bags of herbal leaves)
  • Podi kizhi massage (bags of herbal powders)
  • Navara kizhi massage with bags of herbal rice
  • Udhwarthana dry massage with herbal powders
  • Kaya seka - oil bath
  • Kadee vasti - local treatment for back ache
  • Greva vasti - local treatment for neck pain
  • Janu vasti - local treatment for knee problems
  • Nasya - cleansing of head through nasal medication
  • Pulse diagnosis- practice session
  • Thalam
  • Snehapana
  • Akshitarpana
  • Pindi & vidalaka
  • Netraprakshalana
  • Eye exercise
  • Annalepana for eye
  • Aschotan anjan
  • Dhoomapana
  • Karnapoorana
  • Karnadhoopana
  • Matravasthy
  • Anuvasanavasthy
  • Kashayavasthy
  • Netradhara

Ayurveda Diploma Course Daily Schedule (Tentative)

07:10 Yoga & Meditation Group Session
09:00 Breakfast
10:30 Ayurveda Theory Classes
01:00 Lunch
03:00 Ayurveda Therapies Practical Session
05:00 Tea Break
06:00 Ganga Aarti
07:00 Dinner
10:00 Lights Off

Accommodation & Food


Accommodation facilities in Haritha ayurveda academy

Students may opt for the accommodation facility provided by the Haritha ayurveda academy. All residents get opportunity to join free yoga group classes, group meditation sessions, library books, healthy Ayurvedic meals including and Ayurvedic herbal tea or Indian famous masala tea.

Rooms can be shared or can be individual depending on your private preference. Our rooms are cozy and bath-rooms are hygienic. The location is nearby the Ganges and the setting of the city is in the Himalayas, which makes it even better.


Food at Ayurveda Courses in Haritha

The food we provide is prepared from fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. We cook seasonal vegetables which are in accordance with the laws of nature. We cook food in such a way that its nutrients are retained.

Three meals are provided daily which are rich in nutrition and taste quotient is also good. You may try the local food as well, but we advise to keep the nutrition quotient in mind. Our kitchen staff is professional and ensures that only organic ingredients are used in making meals.

Included excursions in Ayurveda diploma course

During the diploma course, you can go for outings around the weekends to nearby locations. Near to the Haritha center, there has so many beautiful scenic places to go for outing. Such as ancient temples and caves, beautiful white sand beaches, natural waterfalls etc. Also you can enjoy various adventurous activities like rafting, jungle camping, bungee jumping, trekking etc, during your Ayurveda course in Rishikesh.

Course location

Haritha Ayuvreda Academy is located amidst the beautiful mountains at the world’s best yoga capital i.e., the Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Advance Ayurveda Diploma Certification Course Upcoming Dates - 2024

Date: 1st Jan - 14th Feb, 2024

Language: English

Available: Limited Seats

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 1,999 USD 1,599
With Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (45 Days) USD 2,399
With Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (45 Days) USD 2,699

Date: 1st Feb - 17th Mar, 2024

Language: English

Available: Limited Seats

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 1,999 USD 1,599
With Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (45 Days) USD 2,399
With Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (45 Days) USD 2,699

Date: 1st Mar - 14th Apr, 2024

Language: English

Available: Limited Seats

Program International
Course Fees (Without Accommodation & Food) USD 1,999 USD 1,599
With Semi-Deluxe Accommodation & Food (45 Days) USD 2,399
With Deluxe AC Accommodation & Food (45 Days) USD 2,699

How to apply?

  • To apply for the Ayurveda Panchakarma Diploma Course, you need to make your advanced course registration in order to reserve your seat.

  • In the Ayurveda diploma course, we have very limited seats so please make sure to book your seat prior 1-2 months before you are planning to come.

  • For your booking inquiries you can write us on info@harithaayurveda.com or harithaayurveda@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

  • To apply for the Advanced Ayurveda Therapy Diploma Course, a deposit of $200 or 16,000 INR and $400 or 32,000 INR (with accommodation) is required which is non-refundable. This amount is included in the prices listed above. You can make the remaining course fees payment after arrival to the course on the first day.

  • We take limited number of students in Ayurveda training programs, so advance registration is required.

  • After successful completion, certificates are issued by Haritha Ayurveda organization.

  • Classes will be from Monday to Saturday only.

  • No classes will take place on Public Holidays.

  • To sign up for the course, please bring a valid identity proof & 2 passport size photographs.

  • Above rates applicable from 1st Mar, 2024.


School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma is the only Ayurveda Institute in Rishikesh having affiliation to STED council (Scientific and Technical Education Development Council) affiliated to the Government of India, which makes our certification accepted world over and enable students’ practice across the globe.

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