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Ayurveda believes that there are a hundred and seven openings into our body that can help heal when needed. It is an ancient method of healing and is being increasingly resorted to, nowadays. The main reason for this trend is that the process does not involve complex medical procedures and doesn’t give the feeling of being invaded by anyone.

What is Marma Therapy?

The 107 openings to the body also act as an opening to one’s consciousness. Through these, an expert can stimulate a positive flow of energy into the body and help release the blocked energy.

The body, according to the shastras, needs to be revitalized to enable it to perform normally. It is through marma points only that ancient Indians believed the energy of a body flows. What that means is that marma points are the concentration of energy for the body and act as one of the primary reasons for the existence of human life.

All 107 points jointly ensure one’s well-being, emotional as well as physical. The overall concept is very similar to the Chinese culture of acupuncture since it also uses certain points on the body for therapy.

Marma therapy is primarily a massage therapy that is done through the marma points. Therapists use ayurvedic therapeutic oil made of herbs and other elements in this massage treatment. This therapy is being used for centuries now to heal common ailments. We recognize three basic marma categories:

  • Jatrudhara marma

  • Shakha marma

  • Madhyamanga marma


How is marma therapy course at Haritha Ayurveda beneficial for you?

The question arises that if it has been used since the times of kings and queens, how is it still relevant in today's time?

Marma therapy has some definite benefits on the human body.

  • It helps revitalize the body to its original state of normalcy.
  • It ensures that there is a balance in the flow of positive energy in the body.
  • It removes the toxic elements of the body through natural and ancient methods.
  • It is known to create good physical and emotional stability and flexibility.
  • It ensures that there are no energy blockages at the marma points.
  • There are no adverse effects and suits every human body alike.
  • It releases joint pains, ageing, migraines, stress, fear, anxiety, depression, other disorders, paralysis, memory loss and numerous other problems of the human body.

The Ayurveda marma therapy certificate course in India

At Haritha Ayurveda the Marma Therapy Course Rishikesh is a five-day course. Our trainers focus on imparting the wisdom of our ancestors on how to naturally heal the body. There are no prerequisites for this course and hence, anyone may join it.

We start by introducing the fundamentals of Ayurveda and move on to a more in-depth understanding of the body doshas, marma points, the practice of applying pressure, understanding of the body functioning, etc.

We organise question and answer sessions for the students, towards the end. Every student receives a certificate of completion at the end of five days, in the name of Haritha Ayurveda Organisation.

Marma Therapy Certification Course - 5 Days

Date: Available

Language: English & Hindi

Program International Indian
Course Fees USD 299 USD 259 INR 24,518 INR 21,238
Semi-deluxe Accommodation and Food (3 meals) / Day USD 22 INR 1,750
Deluxe Accommodation and Food (3 meals) / Day USD 35 INR 2,800

How to apply?

  • To apply for the Ayurveda Marma therapy Course, you need to make your advanced course registration in order to reserve your seat.

  • In the Ayurveda marma course, we provide one-to-one classes. Our dates are flexible for this course but to reserve your seat with us advanced booking is required.

  • For your booking inquiries you can write us on info@harithaayurveda.com or harithayurveda@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

  • To apply for the Ayurveda marma course, a deposit of $100 or 7,000 INR is required which is non-refundable. This amount is included in the prices listed above. You can make the remaining course fees payment after arrival to the course on the first day.

  • After successful completion, certificates are issued by Haritha Ayurveda organization.

  • Classes will be from Monday to Saturday only. No classes will take place on Public Holidays.

  • To sign up for the course, please bring a valid identity proof & 2 passport size photographs.

  • Above course fees applicable from 1st Jan, 2024 to 31 July 2024.

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