Ayurveda Kati Basti Treatment in Rishikesh, India

Ayurveda Therapy - Kati Basti

Kati Basti Treatment in Rishikesh, India

Kati Basti Treatment in Rishikesh, India

Basti, in this case mostly medicated oil, refers to something that is retained inside, in this case low backs. Kati Basti is a treatment in which warm medicated oil is soaked in a specially shaped frame and applied on the sacral or lumbar region.

Usually, housewives spend a lot of time standing for a long time and sitting in one position, which causes back pain. Also, people who work in the kitchen for hours on end are prone to low back pain because they stand for a long time without bending over. The best treatment for these conditions is Kati Basti.

The herbal oils used in this basti have healing properties that assist with cleansing the blood, building strong muscle and connective tissues, and lubricating the joints. Bathing the lower back for twenty to fifty minutes is a special technique that allows for pain relief. Those interested in this type of therapy should check out the Best Kati Basti Centre in Rishikesh.

Benefits of Kati Basti

This soothing treatment is a combination of herbal oil and massage applied to the lower back to reduce pain, inflammation, and stiffness. When muscles, ligaments, and tendons are warmed with herbal oils, they become relaxed, helping them to heal underlying conditions and relieve pain and stiffness. As a result of treatment, one's entire body is relaxed.

  • Soothe Back and Limb Pain:
    As a result of infusing the oil deeply into your muscles, you will experience relief from back pain.
  • Relaxes lower back pain and stiff limbs:
    Treatment not only helps relieve stiffness, but also restores spinal alignment.
  • Stabilises the lower back:
    Medicated oils contain herbs that are healing and strengthen the back from the inside.
  • Calms nerves:
    It has a soothing effect on the nerves with the oil and massage that follow.
  • Improves the flow of blood:
    Removes stagnant blood, body fluids, and toxins from the lower back area, thereby promoting better circulation.
  • Optimises movement:
    As a result of musculoskeletal therapy, the muscle tissue is better able to retain cellular memory.


This body part is afflicted with a disorder in which gram flour is placed on the affected area in the shape of a doughnut, sealed against the skin to create a water-tight reservoir. Warm medicated oil is then poured into this personal cistern to fend off infection and seep into the sacrolumbar region.

Although Kati Basti is commonly administered on the back, it can be very beneficial in other places where joint pain may occur, such as the knees and shoulders. Our qualified doctors prescribe the oil that is used specifically for the client so that the oil is compatible with their dosha, as well as ensuring maximum effectiveness. Joint pain, low back pain, menstrual cramps and urinary tract disorders are all treated with this method. At the Best Kati Basti Centre in Rishikesh many patients have received successful treatment.

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