Podikizh Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Podikizh Therapy

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Podikizhi Treatment in Rishikesh

Podikizhi Treatment in Rishikesh, India - Podikizhi Therapy

One of the most common and effective Ayurveda treatments is Chooranasweda Or Podikizhi. It is a sweat-inducing Ayurveda technique. This treatment is affected by Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis, various neurological conditions, obesity, lumbago, reducing weight, and other painful diseases. In this treatment, a cotton bag filled with a mixture of herbs is used. This Ayurvedic treatment can be applied with or without the use of oil.

Different types of podikizhi treatment

This treatment is used with different choornas or herbs depending on the type of treatment needed for the problem. For treating inflammation and pain kottam chukkadi choornam is used. For treating aches and information gruhadhumadi choornam is used. For treating gout and swollen knees ellumnishadi choornam is used. For treating gout and inflammation, and burning sensation jatamayadi is used. For pain and swollen joints and spine rasnadi choornam is used for stiffness, aches, and swelling kolakulattadi choornam is used. These choornas are often used with different kinds of oils.

Podikizhi procedure

The powered form of roots and bark of medicinal plants are placed in a sterile bowl and fried in different oils depending on the treatment. Then this mixture is tied in a sterile piece of cloth and made into a bolus. Then oil is heated in another pan on the stove on low heat. After that, the bolus dipped in hot oil and then rubbed on the affected area of the body to begin treatment.

If the temperature of the bolus is starting to drop then a new bolus is used to continue with the treatment. Make sure that the boluses are hot enough throughout the process so the fermentation takes effect. And, the patient begins to feel sweaty and light. This treatment assists in improving blood circulation, releasing trapped nerves, stiffness, pain, or inflammation of the joints or other body parts. There are some best Podikizhi treatment in Rishikesh and they provide other Ayurvedic treatment as well.

Benefits of Podikizhi

This treatment is effective for joints, the spine, lower back, and muscle. It can help to get rid of the swelling, stiffness, pain, and numbness of the joints in the arms, neck, lower back, and hips. This treatment can relieve soreness, swelling, sprains, and muscle strain of the body muscles. Podikizhi helps to regenerate and revive the skin cells to bring glow and make them appear youthful.

Podikizhi is a highly beneficial treatment and is given to the patient in multiple sessions. This treatment takes quite a short recovery time as well.

Some various diseases and conditions can be treated with the help of Podikizhi. Osteoarthritis which is related to swollen and painful joints can be treated by this treatment. Also, Coccydynia which is related to pain in the tailbone and Lumbar Spondylosis can be treated by podikizhi. Apart from that, podikizhi is also helpful in treating paralysis, insomnia, and aging.

Who is it recommended for?

This treatment is perfect for middle-aged people. Because they are prone to joint pains and physical injuries. Podikizhi is also suitable for athletes, who work on their feet all day and get injured frequently. Podikizhi is perfected for centuries and it is tried and tested. It is perfectly safe to use.

There are many treatment center now a days but Best Podikizhi treatment in Rishikesh provide with good facility and care. But some people may feel cold after the procedure. That is completely normal as the temperature of the body rises suddenly during the process. Young children, pregnant women, and the elderly above the age of 75 years should avoid this treatment.

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